my story THE Truth

I'll tell you the truth of my story.
As a kid, I've always wanted to compete with others to prove myself. I've played football for 10+ years. Hyperactive kid loving jelly beans.
I've grown in a world of lies and when I opened my eyes I realized that the world is filled with debauchery, and cunning, and pain... I was so frustrated and in pain about the people in the world.
I wanted so much to be a better person and to show the world what is the truth of our living on this planet. I was searching and praying for wisdom and I know that whoever is searching for wisdom and truth with pure heart and soul will find it.



About my training journey:

I've been training for 5 years now and I want to teach you everything I've learned. I want to show you the short cut but the only short cut is to learn from the people who have already walked through this path. And this path is not an easy one so in other words there isn't a short cut. The only thing I can do is to help you and lead you to the right path.
2015 - 2016
When you have the first results you're feeling unstoppable and you want more results and more results so that was me but it has a dark side (addiction). Thank God I wanted to be a natural "bodyweight bodybuilder" and my training journey started.
2016 - 2017
At this time I was 18-19 and I was so confused about all the information like - don't eat this eat that, EAT MORE PROTEINS, don't eat fats in order to be shredded, etc.  All of this is F*** BS.
That's why I wrote for you The truth about eating. It is included in my training programs.
I was training only calisthenics (6 days a week) like crazy. I thought that training as much as I can get the best results but it wasn't like that at all.
The results were awesome but I was feeling tired all the time and my life didn't have diversity. This type of training couldn't last for long. We need a long-term training program in order to make life progress.
That's why I made my training programs for you.


Just starting.


First gains.


2017 - 2018
Unfortunately, I injured my shoulder and it was an unpleasant situation. I had my first gains, I had the motivation and I wanted SO MUCH to workout but I couldn't... After 7 months of rest, I was able to do my first training session and I was feeling like a beginner.
Conclusion:  don't give up because of an unexpected obstacle BUT be aware of it.
Fortunately, I continued to chase my dreams, I believed that I can make it!
You are strong! Believe in you!



Results are back.


Learning new skills.


Keep learning and training

I love you and I'm trying to give you the best I can.
Do you want to know what is the truth of our living?
All I can tell you is:
Love your creator God, He made us love not to hate.
Give without expecting something in return.
Don't forget to give when you have nothing.
You live to develop your soul (yourself), to grow mentally, and to build your life. Because when you die all you take with you is your soul.
The first step to wisdom is "fearing God".
When we fear God we choose to Love.
If God is with us NO ONE I mean NO ONE can be
against us.
And love is pure happiness.
If I told you that the most important thing in the world is eating and training for your body I'm gonna lie to you because as I said our body is built from inside to outside. If we have a mind and we can think we'll know what is good for us and what is not.
with love

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