23 Lightroom presets developed to take your photos to the next level. Use them and find your own style. I did my best to help you with my presets!


NOTE: Every photo has unique exposure! Some of the photos will need basic adjustments (white balance, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks) to fit the preset. 

HZ Preset Pack

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  • BeacHeart - Summer sunset vibe

    BeacHeart - Teal and orange casual

    BeacHeart - Teal and orange muted

    BeacHeart - Tealy

    Desert Saga - Dark blacks

    Desert Saga - Desaturated punch

    Desert Saga - Golden sands

    Desert Saga - Teal and orange

    Desert Saga - Tealy

    Extreme blacks

    Forest tealy

    Golden Hour backlight


    Moody orange pop

    Mountine - Red peak sunset

    Rock solid

    Street - muted nice skin tones

    Sun Love

    Sun Love Dreamy

    Warm winter

    Welcome to the jungle

    Welcome to the jungle - Punch dark green moody

    White is white

  • Lightroom > File > Import Develop Profiles and Presets > HZ preset pack.zip

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